How to make your computer faster?

How to Boost Your Computer Speed?

Now-a-days, we are often getting system slow down issues in our computer systems. The article written below explains the reasons and solutions for computer slow down issues.When you buy a computer and bring it to home. It comes to you as a symbol of happiness and curiosity, adventure, excitement. But when you use it for 6 months or so, it starts showing some slowness in its performance. Then it becomes a symbol of irritation and frustration. Whenever a user wants to perform an important task, it just starts working slow and ultimately user gets frustrated. So, if you are also facing the slow performance issue of your computer, then you are at the right place. Follow the solutions which are written below and you will get rid of slow performance issue.

Effective solutions to remove slow performance issue of your computer:

Solution1. Uninstall all the programs which you do not use

Some programs are there which are not used by you and not by your computer. These types of computer take so much space but there is no good reason for having such programs in the computer. So just uninstall these programs, it will give some relief to computer's RAM memory and hard disk memory.

  • Go to Control Panel and uninstall such programs. In control panel, just go to Programs and click on uninstall a program. And select the program to be uninstalled.
  • After uninstalling all such unused programs, you will see a change in computer speed. Here, you will get all the knowledge on how to speed up my computer. Computer speed increases when you uninstall unused programs. This is because now computer gets some more free space on its hard disk drive.
  • You might have heard about task manager, open the task manager and close some programs which are not needed and running. Stop all such programs which are running without having any reason.

If you are not able to open the task manager, then just press cntrl+Alt+delete and then you will see a new window appears, just click on start task manager. Task manager will open. If you think that you will not be able to perform it and it might lead to some problem or new technical issue. Then, you need not to worry. Just use CleanMyPC. You can download this software from internet.

Solution2. Delete all the temporary files

Do you know that you computer is generating so many temporary files every day. These temporary files are generally cache files, browser history file and other similar files which are created for a purpose of improving the efficient functioning of the computer. These files are created for a positive purpose but many of these files keep getting stored to take a large space on the hard disk drive. This extra space burden that is put by these temporary files ultimately results into slow down of computer performance. Temporary files can be deleted after a certain time.

Now, just follow some steps to delete these temporary files

  • Go to My computer and open it by double clicking at the My Computer icon.
  • Select the local disk C and open the windows folder.
  • You will find a folder named as temp and right click in the file explorer. Now click on Sort By and then click on the 'More' button.
  • Now check on Date Modified and reorganize the folder files. Delete all the folders which are of previous dates.
  • Now, empty the recycle bin.

If you use CleanMyPC software, then it can be quite easy for you to delete the temporary files.

Solution3. Defragmentation of hard disk can help you to make windows 10 faster

If temporary files are deleted in the computer and computer has got enough free space, it will lead to increase in computer speed. But if you defragment the hard disk, then you computer performance can be increased in a big way. In reality, on the hard disk drive, there are so many fragments of memory which are allocated to several tasks for various purposes. So, if defragmentation is done in the hard disk, then computer will use the space efficiently which ultimately leads to the faster speed of the computer

Defragmentation is used as a tool to organize the files and put them into a sequence. It is easy to find a file from a group of organized files rather than picking up a file from unorganized data.

How to defragment Hard disk drive of your computer?

  • Go to start Menu and type 'defrag'.
  • Provide services for optimization and repair any OS platform.
  • Users are advised to turn on the automatic defragmentation.
  • Click on analyze disk, it will help in running analyze. Then, start optimizing the disk.

Solution4. Upgrade the system so as to increase the speed of your computer

It might be the case that your computer system is not updated. So, try to update the system. Before spending money on that, you can try one more last thing; that is, using CleanMyPC and setting up all the important PC cleaning options in auto mode.

If it is still slow, then you will have to purchase two things which are RAM and SSD.
RAM is random access memory which is used by the all running programs. If you increase your RAM, it will definitely increase your system's performance. Whenever computer finds that enough RAM is not available, it becomes slow. You can buy 2GB RAM and add it to your system; it will increase the speed of the system. And, you are also advised to buy solid state drive which is commonly known as SSD. Put SSD in your system, it helps computers to work faster. We have provided enough solutions for how to speed up my computer. If anybody has a question that how to speed up my computer?, then you are most welcomed. Just go through the solutions provided above and get rid of low performance issue. You can also get expert advice on how to make windows 10 faster?

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